We have created this information page to help you guys make the most using resin:

1. Our products 

2. Preperation and application 

3.Colour matching 



 1. Our Products:


Elita Fusion is a polyester based mitre resin which we offer in brilliant white. Its a knife grade non slump resin meaning that it will hold its form, allowing for easy application using an applicator. Pigments can be added to this resin in order to colour match it to your chosen tile. 


. set time 5-10 mins

.water RESISTANT (not water proof)

.matt finish 

.easy to sand 

Recomended use:

Fusion is our standard range of resin, we reccomend using it as mitre filler on pre bonded tiles. We dont recomend it for bonding tiles. Its not waterproof, however its easy to wrok with and easy to sand. for this reson its an ideal mitre filler for internal nieches. That being said it can be used outdoors on areas that arent consantly exposed to water.