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Elita’s Fusion range are high-quality, custom-made polyester blend resins, designed specifically to be used on both indoors and outdoors on a range of tiles. Fusion offers a high bonding strength as well as weather resistance and UV resistance properties. The fusion range is perfect for bonding tiles together, especially on mitred corners and for filling mitres/joints/repairs for an aesthetic finish. Corner trims are going out of fashion. Mitred tiles are the future of tiling providing a sleek modern finish. Elita’s fusion range will be at the forefront of this change providing a variety of products that will allow you to achieve this professional finish.

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  • High bond strength
  • Knife grade/non slump
  • Rapid cure
  • 1L
  • Supplied with hardener

Instructions for use

Ensure the tile joint/mitre is clean, free from dirt and moisture. Take the desired amount of the mitre glue from the container and thoroughly mix with 3% hardener in a separate container. Apply to the joint within the 2-3 minute working time. Cure time = 5-10 minutes. For a faster cure or in colder weathers apply more hardener. For a slower cure or in hotter weathers use less hardener. To colour match the mitre glue to the tile, simply add Elita colour pigments until you’ve reached the desired finish. Ensure you use an appropriate base colour resin that closely matches the colour of the tile before adding the colour pigments. Note: too much pigment can impact the properties of the mitre glue and prevent it from curing.

Always refer to the safety instructions on the container.

Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 10.8 × 11 × 13 cm
Choose Size

500g, 2kg, 1kg

Base Colour

Brilliant White, Black, Straw, Grey

1 review for Fusion

  1. Harry

    Incredible resin & a dream to work with!

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